Fleet and asset management has never been easier

Introducing Eagle, a white label web application at the cutting edge of fleet and asset management.

Closely monitor your fleet and asset thanks to Eagle’s powerful tracking features and intuitive, search-centric interface, and continuously track and monitor your assets thanks to state-of-the-art location-based software and M2M hardware.

The application is available on our cloud or can be installed on your own servers and is built with a modular approach, allowing you to bring your existing data on board and get started quickly.

So whether you’re trying to optimize asset use and allocation, or too coordinate an entire international fleet, Eagle has everything you need to make it happen.

Rich modules for efficient Fleet Management

User Profile
Multilingual support
Multilocation management
Interface personalization
Authorizations and restrictions
Fuel Savings
Track Fuel level
Eliminate idle times
Detect Fuel thefts
Compare drivers
Fast information access
Short-cuts on results
Live Tracking
Filters set-up
Full map or grid view
Hybrid list & map mode
In-map information bubbles
Vehicle and Asset tracing
Useful statistics
Suspicious behaviour identification
Activity logs
Geofences and parameter criteria
Escalation plans
Live Notifications
SMS & email alerts
Customizable templates
Schedule settings
Capability sharing
Standard format exports
Driver Behaviour
Cost indicators
Risk identification
Prevention incentive
Harsh braking alerts
Panic button
Vehicle immobilization
Driver identification

Rebrand, resell, we made Eagle white label and open to various devices

Whether you are operating a large fleet or many assets or Integrating solutions for several clients, our pricing model is progressive - the more units you connect to your account, the less you'll pay. We offer fixed plans for fleets of up to 5000 vehicles.

Eagle works with several GPS devices, including trackers from Pointer, Teltonika, Falcom, Queclink and Calamp. Our team is able to build specific connectors to other hardware if needed. Need an offer for more?

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